S.No Title Start Date End Date
121 International Mathematics Day 2022 size:( 0B)
(Mathematics Department)
14-03-2022 11-03-2024
122 Glimpse of International Conference held in February, 2022 size:( 0B)
(Department of Defence and Strategic Studies)
23-02-2022 06-02-2026
123 Notification regarding appointment of Chairman, Deptt. of History size:( 865KB)
(Admin and Recruitment Portal)
21-02-2022 01-02-2024
124 Webinar on Prakram Diwas to mark Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose size:( 865KB)
(Department of Defence and Strategic Studies)
22-01-2022 22-01-2024
125 Educational Visit to ARTRAC, Shimla size:( 865KB)
(Department of Defence and Strategic Studies)
17-12-2021 17-12-2024
126 Academic Schedule 2022-23. size:( 1MB)
(Dean of Studies)
16-12-2021 16-12-2061
127 Research Project Exporing the Zones of Collaboration between India and Canada in 21st Century awarded on July 06, 2021 to Dr. Bhawana Sharma and Prof. Harish K. Thakur submitted in December, 2021 size:( 432KB)
(Canadian Studies)
19-11-2021 30-11-2024
128 Five day AICTE sponsored Faculty Development Program (FDP) being organized by Department of Civil Engineering, UIT, HPU-Shimla size:( 2MB)
(Department of Civil Engineering)
11-08-2021 13-08-2027
129 Academic Schedule for the session 2021-22 size:( 432KB)
(Dean of Studies)
29-12-2020 29-12-2060
130 Academic schedule for the session 2021-22. size:( 1MB)
(Dean of Studies)
29-12-2020 29-07-2057