Commerce & Management
From Dean's Desk

Commerce and Management have emerged to strengthen human potential as one of the most preferred streams of learning and developing vocational education and employability skills. In a state like Himachal Pradesh, where enriched natural resources and a congenial environment for education are abundant, learning and research, particularly in the contemporary scenario of business competitiveness, students and researchers are availing the opportunity. Incumbents are welcome to come and prove themselves as successful citizens in different fields after seeking education in commerce and Management from Himachal Pradesh University.

Since starting the different programs under this stream, the faculty of Commerce and Management Studies of the University has taken plenty of steps to strengthen teaching, learning, and research in this area. The faculty has a beautiful team of teaching faculty members, including Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors in Commerce, HP University  Business School (MBA) and Institute Vocational Studies. Due to the teaching faculty members' contribution in research, consultancy, conference exposure, extension education, teaching, and learning, the faculty is known amongst the successful institutions in this field in the Country and abroad. The teaching faculty members have been proved successful administrators and producing talents who have excelled in different areas. At this juncture, it is a fact that in developing exposure of the students and preparing them responsible citizens of the nation, the Faculty of Commerce and Management is to contribute successfully.

As dean of the faculty, it is my proud privilege to practically handle different activities of such a rich tradition and deal with the knowledge-based enriched talent. We, as a team of academic excellence, will step forward to achieve new heights.


The Faculty of Commerce & Management includes the following departments

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Dr. Surender Singh Narta, Department of Commerce.

Mobile: 9418007070,8278799244.