Future Plans

In the near future, the MMTTC proposes to: 

  •  Ensure quality improvement along with quantitative increase in the number of programmes.
  •  Modernize training package incorporating the use of LCD, Notebook, Networking, etc.
  •  Strive for achieving the status of Nodal Centre for training of both academic and non-academic staff of colleges/universities.
  • Organize training programmes for training of women in management of higher education. 
  • Increase the frequency of publishing its journal 'Academe'.
  • Strengthen the infrastructure particularly providing hostel facilities to the participants.
  • Bring out standardized instruments for monitoring and evaluation of the impact of in-service training.
  • Collaborate with national and international departments/agencies such as government departments, NGOs, Ford Foundation, Common Wealth Secretariat, etc. for sharing expertise and resources for further improving the organizational excellence
  •  Work out the possibility of starting academic training course for the students who plan to adopt teaching career at higher education level
  • Conduct training programmes for all categories of non- teaching staff of the universities/colleges
  • Organise short duration programme for Deans, HoDs, Professors and Associate Professors.
  • Conduct training programme for research scholars on research methodology.