About Shimla


Shimla was once part of the Nepales kingdom and called Shyamala, another name for the goddess Kali, but Shimla never gained any fame until it was [discovered by the British in 1819. Three years later, the first British house was created, and in 1864 Shimla because the summer capital of India. 

Today, Shimla is a pleasant, sprawing town,set among cool pine-clad hills with plenty of crumbling colonial charm.SomeTravellers find the place too [touristy] but nostalgic history buffs will love it .

The clocks were added three years later, but none of them now work. The church is one of Shimla's major landmarks and is renowned for its stained glass windows. You can discreetly have a look inside the church, or attend English-language services every Sunday morning during the tourist season.

Dedicated to the monkey god, Hanuman, Jakhu Temple is east of the town centre near the highest point of the Shimla ridge [2455m]. It offers a fine view over the surrounding valleys out to the snow-capped peaks, and over Shimla itself. Appropriately, there are many monkeys around the temple. It's a steep 35 minute walk from Scandal Point.


Situated in the north west Himalayas at a height of 2205 mts is Shimla and the distance of Human Resource Development Centre about Six kilometers from the railway station. and the ISBT.

By Air 
An airstrip has been constructed 28 km from Shimla town by road. Archana, Jagsons, Indian Airlines have regular flights from Delhi,Chandigarh, and Kullu (Bhuntar) and Dharamshala (Gaggal).

By Rail

Broad guage rail Himalayan Queen and Hawrah Express leave Delhi for Kalka every day from Kalka one has a rare traveling delight in a toy like train on narrow guage Leisurely spiraling through the green hills it touches Shimla after crossing 103 tunnels and many bridges. At so many places it runs parallel to the road. In addition to this there is an exclusive luxury coach fitted with 5 star facility for a group of six to eight persons journey in this coach and the railcar is an experience - 'Out of the world'.

By Road
Deluxe buses and many more buses ply to Shimla from all over the Northern area of India directly at all hours of the day and night. Drive on the National Highway 22 from Kalka to Shimla is smoothingly refreshing.