Establishment of HRDC

Established in June, 1989, the Human Resource Development Centre (Academic Staff College) of Himachal Pradesh University conducted its First Orientation Programme in Sept. 1989. Prof. Yoginder Verma was the first Director of Human Resource Development Centre who implemented the number of creative activities during the Orientation Programmes and Refresher Courses which were followed by the next Directors. There after Prof. Kulwant Singh Pathania, Prof. Bal Krishan and Prof. Bhupinder Singh Marh, Prof. (Mrs.) Kiran Rekha assumed the charge of the Director with dedication to carry on the legacy forward in 2014. It has pursued the objective of improving the professional competence of teachers in tertiary education with a difference. By the end of March 2018, it had organized 440 programmes, 127 Orientation Programmes, 303 Refresher Courses, 10 Summer/Winter Schools and 17 Short Term Courses in which 14710 teachers have participated.
UGC Expert Committee reviewed the HRDC in September 1998 and in March 2004. It is recommended that this HRDC should be made a Centre for the Entire Himalayan Region and also be developed as a National Centre in chosen disciplines. In view of the excellent working of the HRDC, it should be continued on a permanent basis. The Committee also observed that the College had the infrastructure and capability to undertake leadership role among the HRD Centres of the country.