Assistant Director

Dr. Joginder Singh Saklani

Dr. Joginder Singh Saklani, Assistant Director, UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, HPU, Shimla has been brilliant throughout his career. He has been a topper in M.A. Political Science. He also has the distinction of being the HPU Fellowship holder. He has done his M. Phil. and Ph.D. from the Himachal Pradesh University in the years 2002 and 2006 respectively.

Dr. Joginder Singh Saklani started teaching in the year 2004 in various centres of HPU. He started his career as a Research Officer in the Integrated Institute of Himalayan Studies in the year 2008 and became a Senior Research Officer in the year 2009. He topped the HP Public Service Commission 2010 batch and as such in the year 2010 he joined the services in the Department of Higher Education Government of H. P. (College Cadre) as an Assistant Professor. He joined as an Assistant Professor of Political Science in ICDEOL, H.P University, Shimla in the year, 2016. He has one book, one project and 12 papers to his credit. His interest areas in research are International Relations, State Politics, Rural & Social issues such as MGNREGA, Water Conservation through protection of traditional village resources, and Election Studies.

He has been an excellent teacher and has taught various courses of Political Science at the graduation level during 2010-2016 at various State Government Colleges. Besides this he has performed duty of NSS Programme Officer and remained on various committees of colleges and the University. He is also a member of the Board of Studies in HPU.

Dr. Saklani has been an ardent leader throughout his career. He remained Hostel Prefect, General Secretary of Research Scholar Association, President, Association of H. P. Government College Contract Teachers appointed through Public Service Commission. He has also been the Joint Secretary of H. P. Government College Teachers' Association (HGCTA). He was also remained as Joint Secretary of HPU Teachers' Welfare Association (HPUTWA).



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