Extension Activities
The whole gambit of the Institute focuses on the research pertaining to management of natural resources, biodiversity conservation, conservation of folk culture, traditions, indigenous knowledge systems etc. Besides concentrating on institutional networking, organization of national, regional and international seminars, workshops, training programmes, the institute undertakes capacity building activities for the development of employable skills. The institute always makes an effort to promote the dialogue, networking and exchange of information and experiences among the stakeholders of the state by documenting and disseminating relevant information and research results. In order to encourage exchange of views among experts from various fields and citizens, on a common platform, the Institute set up a Himalayan Study Circle including members from different sections of the community. It is an outreach effort of the institute for an open interaction among the people of Himachal and the University. Since its inception, the Institute is organizing lectures of eminent people for the benefit of academic community and common people. It has undertaken Outreach Programmes and Capacity Building programmes by:
  • Setting up Himalayan Study Circle and organizing lectures for university community and general public
  • Organizing more than twenty five expert lectures and eight outreach programmes
  • Twelve workshops, four seminars, three conferences & three exhibitions