Establishment of DIS IIHS UGC Centre of Excellence

Years Development
2002 Award of 'UGC Centre of Excellence' by University Grant Commission, New Dehli page1 PDF File  [1.25 MB] page 2 PDF File  [794.2 KB]
2002 Setting of Institute of Integrated Himalayan Studies, UGC, Centre of Excellence 1-4-2002 PDF File  [962.76 KB]
2002 IIHS-Rules and Regulation 2002 PDF File  [1.26 MB]
2002 Institute of Integrated Himalayan Studies (UGC, Centre of Excellence) PDF File  [1.51 MB] p-2 PDF File  [1.62 MB]  
2003 UGC Review Committee Recommendation 19 November 2003 PDF File  [1014.76 KB]
2004 IIHS-rules and Regulation 2004 PDF File  [1.81 MB]
2007 UGC Review Committee  PDF File  [1.31 MB]
2013 Notification of BoS/Faculty/Academic Council and Executive Council for Academic courses i.e. MBA-Rural Development, M.Sc. Environmental Sciences etc. Dated: 23-01-2014 PDF File  [(file not found)]
2013 Academic Courses Introduced at IIHS (Acacemic Session 2013-14) PDF File  [442.4 KB]
2014 UGC Review Committee Recommendations and university EC approval P1 PDF File  [1.61 MB], P2 PDF File  [1.68 MB] P3 PDF File  [1.07 MB]
2017 Amendments in University ordinance and inclusion of New Faculty of Environment, Development Sustainability Studies, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies and Approval of academic courses M.Sc. Environmental Sciences, Ph.D. Environmental Sciences, MBA-Rural Development, Ph.D. in Rural Development etc. PDF File  [1.63 MB]
2018 Notification of Assent of His Excellency or Chancellor to the recommendations of University Executive Council to create new Faculty & Department etc.8-3-2018 PDF File  [865.23 KB]