Annual Techno Cultural Fest (Utkarsh)

"Essence of extraordinary"


There's no denying that every individual is capable of achieving greatness. However to tap our hidden potential and truly realise our calibre we often need to step out of our comfort zone.  Some do it with ease while others struggle. Ever since the dawn of UIT's UTKARSH, it has successfully managed to ignite the sparks of morale in precious youth who will form the pillars of future imbuing peace and wisdom, setting up new standards and creating upswings. It has helped the youth to flourish their knack and eliminate their hesitancy.  It aims at instilling the feeling of pride and love in the hearts and minds of students while allowing them to explore new hobbies, discovering their talents and honing their social responsibilities.

It has successfully managed to bridge wide lacunas in the skills of students promoting innovative ways of fraternizing their talents and increasing the gamut of success. 


UTKARSH is not just an epoch of entertainment and education's coalescence, covering events from dancing and literature to name a few . It's an event to rediscover yourself and others in a whole new way.  It's a vision of possibilities. It's an essence of extraordinary.


The main highlights of the Utkarsh are cultural events which includes FootLoose (Western Dance Competition), Dharohar (Traditional Himachali Dances), Dramaturgy (Drama Competition), Saaz (Singing Competition), Rampage (Fashion Show), Aesthetica (Short Film Event), Local star night and the major star night at the eve of closing of the fest.



Dexteria is the annual science and technology festival of University Institute of Technology, Shimla. It also refers to the independent body of students who organize this event along with many other social initiatives and outreach programs round the year. Techfest is known for hosting a variety of events that include various competitions, hackathons, lectures as well as workshops. The main aim is to  provide a platform for the student community to develop and showcase their technical prowess. The events included are Google Hunt, DesignX, WebWeaver, Aperture, Problematic, Quibble, Winshoot.


Come experience the power of gaming. Atlantus is a season of digital video game event. The games chosen for the tournament are such that will attract both regular and casual gamers and the ones which enjoy the most popularity and interset among the students. CSGO, Valorant, FIFA, NFS are some of the major highlights.


Kuch Unkaheen Baatein. Everyone is a writer. Everyone has a story to tell. Some are written in books and some are confined to hearts. Lafz is the annual literary festival of the college. It comprises of events such as creative story writing, slam poetry, debate competition, cosplay and many more.


Terms and Conditions :

Participation in Utkarsh' 21 is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Participation is by invitation only. Any college/ institution/ university which has not received a formal invitation will not be eligible for participantion.
  • Only those students who are enrolled in a regular course at any of the invited institutions are eligible to participate.
  • Utkarsh' 21 is being managed by Engineering and Technology Students Association (ETSA). Therefore, all decisions from the govering body members of the same will be bining upon all participants.


Director on compeletion of 4 days - University Industry Conclave and Utkarsh :  https://fb.watch/a024JiILzX/