The reson to have this strategic partnership with University Institute of Information technology (UIIT), HPU Shimla, so that the rich, awareness and spread of spoken tutorial, IIT Bombay training reaches to all the students and faculty members in a fast and smooth manner. the reason to approach you is to give the exposure and hands on learning of very useful IT courses for building their IT competency. Spoken tutorial, IIT Bombay will provide full support online, offline and on site (from time to time) for life time.

Proposed Agendas

Role of UIIT, HPU, Shimla

  • Training to all the student of UIIT semesterwise based on subjects as per syllabus and outside syllabus as per industry requirement
  • Faculty Development Program may also be conducted from time to time.
  • UIIT may provide assistance and consultancy to all the departments of this university (on need based and request)

Course/Software Suggestions

Java, C, C++, Perl, Python, Scrilab, PhpMysql (web development, database management), LaTex (best for report wriring), NetBeans, Oscad, OpenFOAM, Ascend, etc. 

Multimedia: Blender, GIMP, Inkscape