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Ph.D Scholars Data

Ph.D Scholars Data


Sr. Photo Name of Candidate Name of Supervisor Date of Registration Dated of RDC Ph.D. Topic Approved
1 Ashwani Kumar Prof. Parmod Sharma 29.06.2009 10.08.2011 "A Study of Celebrity Endorsment for Measuring : Advertising Effectiveness with reference to Corporate Branding"
2 Shivani Sandhu Prof. Shyam Lal Kasuhal 21.12.2011 09.09.2013 "Performance Evaluation of National Rural Health Mission In Himachal Pradesh"
3 Ajeet Singh Prof. Jai Singh Parmar 21.12.2011 07.12.2012 "A Study of Impact of Globalization on Marketing of Horticulture Products of Himachal Pradesh With Special Reference to Apples"
4 Pankaj Pal Prof. Parmod Sharma 09.06.2014 23.12.2019 Impact of New Age Payment and Settlement System on Customer Satisfaction : An Empirical Study of SBI Customers in Shimla and Kangra Distt. of H.P.
5 Vipin Prof. Jagat Bhushan Nadda 27.05.2015 23.12.2019 Customer Complaining Behaviour Towards Online Shopping Sites: A Study of Himachal Pradesh
6 Nikhil Uprety Prof. Pawan Garga 27.05.2015 12.08.2017 Effect of Patriotic Advertisements on Nationalism : A Study of Indian Television Commercials
7 Sandeepa Kaushal Prof. Yashwant Gupta 27.05.2015 12.08.2017 Financial Inclusion in India : A Study of Rural Areas in Himachal Pradesh
8 Mayank Sharma Prof. Yashwant Gupta 27.05.2015 30.03.2016 An Analysis of Factors Affecting Knowledge Management in Selected Pharmaceutical Companies
9 Subodh Kadsholi Prof. Jagat Bhushan Nadda 25.02.2016 12.03.2017 Customer Satisfaction Towards Postal Services : A Comparative Study of Department of Post and Private Companies
10 Jaya Sharma Prof. Chaman Lal Chandan 25.02.2016 12.08.2017 Impact of Financial Inclusion of Economic Status and Empowerment of Women Through SHG - Bank Linkage Programme
11 Abhilasha Sharma Prof. Shyam Lal Kaushal 25.02.2016 12.08.2017 Skill Development Schemes in India : A Study of Himachal Pradesh Kaushal Vikas Nigam
12 Sanjay Bhagwati Prof. Dinesh Kumar 25.02.2016 12.08.2017 Women Empowerment Through MGNREGA : A Study of Himachal Pradesh
13 Dechen Chhomo Prof. Shyam Lal Kaushal 23.12.2017    
14 Santosh Kumar Prof. Jai Singh Parmar 23.12.2017 20.07.2021 Socio-Economic and Cultural Impact of Rural Tourism on Local Artists in HImachal Pradesh
15 Virender Garg Prof. Pramod Sharma 23.12.2017    
16 Taranjit Kaur Kainth Dr. Puneet Bhushan 23.12.2017 23.12.2019 Financial Planning Among Working Women in Education Sector: A Comparative Study of H.P. and Punjab
17 Vivek Tailor Dr. Narender Singh Chauhan 23.12.2017 20.07.2021 Impact of GST on Textile Industry : A Study of Baddi & Nalagarh Region of Himachal Pradesh
18 Silky Kaushik Dr. Narender Singh Chauhan 23.12.2017 20.07.2021 The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Corporate Performance in Manufacturing Industries in India
19 Aarti Negi Prof. Jai Singh Parmar 05.10.2018    
20 Nivedita Prof. Shyam Lal Kaushal 02.04.2019 20.07.2021 A Study on Management of Self Help Groups and Women Empowerment in Himachal Pradesh
21 Preeti Thunthraik Prof. Shyam Lal Kaushal 02.04.2019 20.07.2021 COVID-19 Pandemic : A Study of Stress Management Among Health Care Workers in Himachal Pradesh
22 Suraksha Sharma Prof. Pawan Garga 02.04.2019    
23 Niteesh Kumar Dr. Narender Singh Chauhan 02.04.2019 20.07.2021 Opportunities and Challenges in Marketing of Horticulture Produce in Himachal Pradesh
24 Pooja Sharma Prof. Yashwant Gupta 02.04.2019 20.07.2021 Impact of Disinvestment on Public Sector Enterprises in India - A Case Study of Selected Companies
25 Anurag Sharma Prof. Pawan Garga 02.04.2019    
26 Pankaj Thakur Dr. Santosh Kumari 02.04.2019    
27 Vivek Chauhan Prof. Shyam Lal Kaushal 02.04.2019    
28 Vishakha Gupta Dr. Santosh Kumari 02.04.2019 20.07.2021 Impact of Green Human Resource Management Practices on Organizational Culture and Organizational Commitment : A Study of Hydropower Projects in Himachal Pradesh
29 Sunny Grack Dr. Narender Singh Chauhan 16.05.2019    
30 Pradeepti Prasher Prof. Dinesh Kumar 10.12.2019    
31 Kshmendra MIshra Prof. Jai Singh Parmar 10.12.2019    
32 Modish Kumar Dr. Santosh Kumari 10.12.2019    
33 Yash Chauhan Prof. Pramod Sharma 26.10.2020    
34 Hardik Dhawan Prof. Pawan Garga 26.10.2020    
35 Richa Thakur Prof. Shyam Lal Kaushal 26.10.2020    
36 Manish Saini Dr. Santosh Kumari 26.10.2020    
37 Bhanu Sharma Prof. Shyam Lal Kaushal  26.10.2020    
38 Sahil Sharma Prof. Dinesh Kumar 15.12.2020    


Ankush Kumar Prof. J S Parmar 15.12.2020    
40 Shetesh Kaushal Prof. Shyam Lal Kaushal 15.12.2020    
41 Vishal Sharma Dr. Rajesh Kumar 22.06.2021    
42 Siddharth Barwal Prof. Pawan Garga 22.06.2021    
43 Priyanka Mehta Prof. Dinesh Kumar 22.06.2021    
44 Ajay Kumar Dr. Surya Rashmi Rawat 22.06.2021    
45 Aditi Sharma Prof. Pawan Garga 22.06.2021    
46 Rash Pal Dr. Rajesh Kumar 22.06.2021    
47 Meghna Thakur Prof. Jai Singh Parmar 22.06.2021    
48 Rajni Thakur Prof. Shyam Lal Kaushal 22.06.2021    
49 Tarun Kumar Dr. Surya Rashmi Rawat 22.06.2021    
50 Urmila Thakur Prof. Jai SIngh Parmar 22.06.2021    
51 Neha Kanwar Dr. Vinod Negi 22.06.2021    
52 Anita Verma Dr. Surya Rashmi Rawat 22.06.2021    
53 Tanuj Sharma Dr. Vinod Negi 22.06.2021    
54 Tanvi Pathak Dr. Rajesh Kumar 22.06.2021    
55 Reena Kumari Prof. Pawan Garga 22.06.2021    
56 Vineet Kumar Prof. Pramod Sharma 22.06.2021    
57 Anjali Prof. Shyam Lal Kaushal 01.11.2021    
58 Sheetal Negi Prof. Jai Singh Parmar 01.11.2021    
59 Shivam Kumar Dr. Rajesh Kumar 01.11.2021    
60 Shivani Chauhan Dr. Puneet Bhushan 01.11.2021    
61 Sapna Prof. Yashwant Gupta 01.11.2021    
62 Naresh Kumar Dr. Surya Rashmi Rawat 01.11.2021    
63 Ish Kumar Sharma Prof. Pawan Garga 01.11.2021    
64 Shubham Sharma Dr. Vinod Negi 21.04.2022    
65 Shashank Sharma Dr. Surya Rashmi Rawar 21.04.2022    
66 Pradeep Kumar Dr. Rajesh Kumar 21.04.2022    
67 Shiwani  Dr. Vinod Negi 21.04.2022    
68 Shubham Kaushal Dr. Vinod Negi 21.04.2022    
69 Shinu Tomar Dr. Alka Sharma (UCBS) 21.04.2022    
70 Rajat Dogra Dr. Ranbir Singh (UCBS) 21.04.2022    
71 Yatharth Vaidya Dr. Ashok Kumar Bansal (ICDEOL) 21.04.2022    
72 Rohit Khoond Dr. Varun Abrol (ICDEOL) 21.04.2022    



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