VC Message

It is a matter of great pleasure to introduce Himachal Pradesh University Business School. HPUBS is one of the leading department in the University. It was formerly known as an Institute of Management Studies is an autonomous Institute since 1995 and prior to this it was established as a department of Management Studies since the inception of this University. The University Business School has acquired a reputation for imparting Management Education for the last 43 years.

The world we live is in constantly changing. In the present era the management education has become the epitome of competition. As a result Business Schools face tremendous pressure for growth and maintaining high standards of quality and ethics. HPUBS have always emphasized adherence to excellence, ethics and values since its inception. Due emphasis is placed on exposing MBA students to read life situations of corporate world and facilitating interaction with the best minds in the industry. It is also provides good management graduates to the corporate world. 

The education imparted in the Business School of the University is of a very high quality and the curriculum is updated as per requirement of the present day corporate world. It provides a unique learning environment where the contribution of each inpidual is highly admired and valued.

I wish the Business School will continue to contribute to the society in a responsible manner.

Prof. Sat Parkash Bansal

Vice Chancellor