Industry Interaction Programme

The basic framework of the IIP is that experts from various industries are invited to the campus to have interaction sessions with the students; the sessions as of now are held on a monthly basis but with the success that the programme has seen in the initial few sessions, it has been planned that the frequency of such sessions would be increased to once a fortnight. 

The basic motive of the programme is to expose the students of HPUBS to the corporate world and give them a general exposure to various industries so that by the time they're about to graduate they have a fair idea of the industry that they want to pursue a career in. This exposure to the students would be brought about by interaction sessions and regular industrial visits.


  • Exposure : The most important purpose of the Industry Interaction Programme is to expose the students to the cultures of the corporate world so that they gain insight about various industries and their work practices. 

  • Sense of Direction : The various industrial experts can easily provide a sense of direction to the students for their careers in different fields by giving them an insight on the opportunities available and the trends prevalent in those fields.  

  • Inspiration/Motivation : Interaction with successful people can act as a huge source of inspiration for the students who are at a critical stage of their careers who more than anything else need motivation to be able to set and achieve their goals. 

  • Confidence Building : Such interactions enable students to open up to become more interactive and give them confidence to be able to communicate well and shed their fear of being irrelevant.