Rules and Regulations for Students

A student involved in the violation of any of the rules of regulations of the Institution or the university or in any way involved n any act of indiscipline, may be placed on conduct probation by the Head of the Institution. A student placed on conduct probation shall not be allowed to represent the Institution or the University in any meet, tournament, youth festival or cultural completion during the period of his Conduct Probation and shall also remain suspended from any office that he may be holding in any student’s organization. If a student, who has been on conduct probation on two previous occasions, commits an act of indiscipline, he shall be dropped from the Institution/University:

  1. Ragging means and Includes any types of Physical or mental torture, done by any individual or group either by words or by conduct, which gives an apprehension in the mind of a person that he cannot pursue his studies free from any mental disturbance/torture created thereby.
  2. Thee shall be no ragging in and outside the teaching departments of the University, College or Institutions affiliated to or maintained by the University or the hostels and also on road/ approaches leading to such Institutions/ Hostels.
  3. The Chairman of the Teaching Departments/ heads of the Colleges or Institution affiliated to or maintained by the University, at the commencement of each session when new admission taken place shall have a written undertaking from every students (old or new) to the following effect:
    “I have gone through the rules and regulations regarding ragging and discipline of the University/ College/ Institution and I hereby solemnly affirm that I will not indulge in any act of ragging/ indiscipline and that if I am found guilty of such offences as are covered under these rules. I will have no claim against the order of the rustication / expulsion from the University/ College / Institution.”
  4. If a Candidate is found indulging in ragging directly or indirectly, the competent authority, after enquiry, if satisfied, shall expel the guilty students (s) from the University/ College / Institution.
  5. Rustication and Expulsion of Students:
    Rustication shall mean the loss of one academic year i.e. the student concerned shall not be allowed to appear in any University examination during the academic year in which he is rusticated. The actual period of expulsion from the College or Institution shall depend upon the time of the year when the rustication order is passed. A rusticated student may with permission of the Head of the College or Institution Concerned rejoin the class in the same college or Institution after the time of rustication in the following academic year.
  6. A student who is expelled from a College or Institution shall not be allowed to appear in any University examination during the academic year in which he is expelled and the next academic year and shall not thereafter be readmitted to the same or any other college or Institution without the prior sanction of the Vice – Chancellor. Each case of rustication or expulsion shall be reported to the Registrar of the University immediately after the order is passed. A certificate signed by the College or Institution to the effect that the student has been given adequate and reasonable opportunity to explain his position before the order was passed, shall accompany the report.
  7. General:
    Not with standing anything contained in this Document, the students will have to abide by the provisions of the Himachal Pradesh University Act, Statues, Ordinances, Rules and Regulation as may be framed and amended from time to time.

Note : Students found to have been involved I the act of Ragging will be dealt with as per provision of Statue 23-A and recommendations of the Committee constituted by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in SLP. No. 24395 of 2006 (Raghvan's Committee Report)