From Director Desk
Prof. Dinesh Kumar Sharma

Prof. Dinesh Kumar Sharma

The contemporary business world is evolving and upgrading at a pace faster than ever with the aid of modern advancements, which demands that we utilize and comprehend the nation's demographic dividend judiciously. This poses great expectations from educational institutions like ours to keep up with the change by providing the society with students enriched with values essential for the corporate world. We, the family of Himachal Pradesh University Business School, have been actively and passionately engrossed in not only educating, but also preparing our students to step out of the Institute as well established individuals since as early as 1971. 

     With highly qualified professionals on board, we strive to make students' classroom and training experiences as rich and exhilarating as possible, and shall continue doing so. Affiliation to HPUBS in itself is a matter of immense honour as the department holds with itself an extensive history of successful social and managerial assets flourishing in the business and administration arenas. As much as we are focused on instilling values essential for the corporate sector in the future faces of the business world,  we are also strongly committed to enhancing their personal skills as well. 

     As I get this opportunity, I would like to invite the corporate sector and the business giants to acknowledge the presence of amazing and skilled entrepreneurs, administrators and managers that are shaped and trained in our institution, and utilize the skills to propel their growth further. 


Prof. Dinesh Kumar Sharma


H.P.U Business School