Department of Mathematics

Dr. Madhu Bala Dadhwal

Name: Dr. Madhu Bala Dadhwal
Designation: Assistant  Professor Department of  Mathematics & Statistics Himachal Pradesh University Summerhill Shimla (H. P.) 171005 INDIA
Contact Number: 9418040291 (Mob.)
Email ID: mpatial[dot]math[at]gmail[dot]com
Academic Qualifications: M.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D.
Area of Specialization: Algebra


  • 1.  Awarded HPU –JRF to do Ph.D. w.e.f  May 2006 to May 2010.

Teaching and Research Experience


Teaching experience as Assistant. Prof. in Mathematics, Government PG College Hamirpur (H.P.,) India w.e.f. 16th June 2010 to 23rd August, 2013 and RKMV Shimla w.e.f. 24th  August, 2013 to 23rd September, 2016.


Presently working as Assistant Prof. in Mathematics, Department of Mathematics & Statistics Himachal Pradesh University Summerhill Shimla (H. P.) 171 005 INDIA w.e.f. 24th September, 2016 to till date.

Research Publications in total = 16

List of Publications (last five years w.e.f. July 2016 onwards to till date)


Relationships between a Semiring R and Quotient Semiring RQ(I)

Ram Prakash Sharma, Madhu and Richa Sharma

Journal of Combinatorics, Information & System Sciences 41 (2016) 227-234.


Partitioning ideals of a semiring R and its skew group semiring R*G

Richa Sharma and Madhu

 Journal of Combinatorics, Information & System Sciences, 43 (2018) pp 47-56.


On Radicals of Semirings

Ram Prakash Sharma, Madhu and Richa Sharma

 Asian European Journal of Mathematics, 13 (7) (2020) 2050138 (16 pp)


On Primary Decomposition of k-ideals in semirings

Ram Prakash Sharma, Richa Sharma,  Madhu Dadhwal and S. Kar

Fuzzy Information and Engineering (2021) Accepted.

Taylor and Francis


Study of Additively Regular G- Semirings and Derivations

Madhu Dadhwal and Neelam

Discussiones Mathematicae-General Algebra and Applications (2021) Accepted.


Study of Derivations on *-Prime Semirings

Madhu Dadhwal, Neelam and Pankaj

Himachal Pradesh University Journal (2021) Accepted.


On Derivations of Semirings

Madhu Dadhwal and Geeta Devi

Himachal Pradesh University Journal (2021) Accepted.


On Secondary Semimodules in Semirings

Ram Parkash Sharma,Madhu, Richa Sharma and Shalini Chandel

Himachal Pradesh University Journal (2021) Accepted.


Number of Ph.D. guided= 3 (continuing)
Number of M.Phil. guided = 6
Book Chapters Published = 2
Research Projects= None
Last Updated:26-06-2021