Duration for Contact Program

B.A.I/ B.Com.I (each semester) Seven days
B.A.,II, III / B.Com.II, III (each year) Seven days
B.A. (with Music as a subject) (each year) Ten days 
BCA (each year) Ten days
M.A., M. Sc. (Maths) Each Semester M.A. (Music) (each semester) Seven Days 
MBA (each semester) Seven days
MCA( Each Semester) Ten days
M.Com. (each Semester) Seven days
P.G.D.P.M. & L.W. (each semester) Seven days
P.G.D.C.A., DTG, DYS (each semester) Ten days 
M.M.C. (each semester) Seven days
M.A. Ed. (Each Year) Twenty Days 
B.Ed. (Each Year) Twenty Five days (Compulsory)
P.G.D. Human Resource Development Seven days (Each Semester)

Choice of PCP Centres

The students have been given option to choose the centres for their personal contact programmes.

The Director, ICDEOL, reserves the right to change the place / venue of the personal contact programme centre(s) or to create new centre(s), if necessary, keeping in view the number of students. Only a limited numbers of students will be accommodated at a particular centre.