About Us
                              Bhoti is the spoken language of the people of Himalayan range spread from Ladakh to Arunachal. It is also a carrier of culture of this region. The religion which is prevalent in this Himalayan area is known as Bhot-Buddhism (Tibetan Buddhism). This language is not merely the language of above mentioned region but also the religious language of the people here and the other side of Himalaya i.e  Bhot-Desh (Tibet).
In 7th century, the Bhot emperor Srong-Tsen-Gampo had accepted Buddhism for the first time and had taken the responsibility of its propagation. At that time there was no any in Bhot Desh and for this purpose, he sent 16 youth of his country to study s which were prevalent in those days in India. Among them, Thon-Mi-Sambhot, who had privileged to be only survivor among the other Tibetan youths and studied under the guidance of Indian scholars, also became a scholar of Buddhist literature.
After returning to his country, he invented two Bhoti s known U-chen and U-med as a Royal desire. Later he had written a Bhoti Grammar, consist of 8 chapters. The King studied this Grammar and encouraged his subject to study the same. In the interest of his subject, the translation of the Buddhist literature initiated. These literatures were translated from Sanskrit to Bhoti Language.
Presently, huge collections of Bhoti books are available in Himalayan monasteries in the form of Kangyur and Tangyur, which were historically taught in the world famous Nalanda,Vikramshila and Odantpuri Mahaviharas. The original version of those was written in Sanskrit but not found today. Tibetan Buddhist scholars also had written many books on Buddhist philosophy, History, Ayurvedas etc.
In 1987 at Himachal Pradesh University, a new department as Bhoti Language emerged and presently known as Centre for Buddhist Studies. The department was especially established for facilitating the students and researchers who are interested to study the manus found in the Himalayan monasteries, written in Bhoti language. These studies also enhance the knowledge of language, culture, and religion as well as society of this region.

At present centre offers part-time courses, as follow:-
Certificate in Bhoti Language                 1year
Diploma in Bhoti Language                    1year
Advanced Diploma in Bhoti Language  1year

Medium of instruction and examination is in Hindi and in English.