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Dr. Sunil Kumar



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Department of Chemistry

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12 Years

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Published Research Papers

  1. Atul, Kumar, M., Sharma, A., Maurya, I. K., Thakur, A., & Kumar, S. "Synthesis of ultra small iron oxide and doped iron oxide nanostructures and their antimicrobial activities." Journal of Taibah University for Science 13.1 (2019): 280-285.
  2. Soni, A., Kumar, S., Kaushal, D., Sharotri, N., Maurya, I. K., Sharma, J. & Kumar, M. "Synthesis of Quantum Confined Nickel Oxide and Differentially Doped Nickel Oxide Nanostructure and Their Antifungal Activities." Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine 11.6 (2019): 465-470.
  3. Kumar, Sunil. "Water treatment using photocatalytic and antimicrobial activities of tin oxide nanoparticles." Indian Journal of Chemical Technology (IJCT) 24.4 (2017): 435-440.
  4. Alpana Thakur, Sunil Kumar, Pooja Pathania, Dinesh Pathak and V. S. Rangra, Synthesis of RGO-ZnO composites for thermal, electricaland antibacterial studies, Surface Review and Letters, 24(07), 1750095, 2016.
  5. Alpana Thakur, Sunil Kumar, Manjula Sharma and V. S. Rangra. andRangra, V. S., 2016. Optical, Electrical and Antimicrobial Studies of Chemically Synthesized Graphite Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide. Advanced Materials Letters, 2016, 7(12), 1029-1034. 
  6. Kumar, S., Thakur, A., Rangra, V. S., Sharma, S., Synthesis and Use of Low-Band-Gap ZnO Nanoparticles for Water Treatment.Arab. J. Sci. Eng. 2016, 41, 2393–2398.
  7. Alpana Thakur, Sunil Kumar and V. S. Rangra, Synthesis of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) via chemical reduction, AIP Conf. Proc. 2015, 1661, 080032-1–080032-5.
  8. Bandna Bharti, SusheelKalia, Sunil K. Chaudhary, Amit Kumar, Hemant Mittal, Surface functionalization of sisal fibers using peroxide treatment followed by grafting of poly(ethyl acrylate) and copolymers, International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization, 18: 596–607, 2013.
  9. Shashi Kant, Sunil Kumar, Effects of alkaline earth metal ions on thermodynamic and ultrasonic properties of ascorbic acid, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 58 (5),1294–1300, 2013.
  10. Shashi Kant, Sunil Kumar, Manish Kumar, Vikas Bharti Acoustic studies of hydrated nickel sulphate in aqueous ascorbic acid systems, Der ChemicaSinica, 3(1):166-174, 2012. Shashi Kant, Sunil Kumar, Munish Thakur, Molar volume, viscosity and conductance studies of zinc sulphate in water and aqueous mannitol, Archives of Applied Science Research, 2012, 4 (3):1462-1469
  11. Shashi Kant Sharma, Sunil Kumar and Kushal Kumar, Acoustical behaviour of nickel sulphate in aqueous mannitol systems at different temperatures, International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Sciences 4(2): 12-18 (2012)
  12. Shashi Kant, Vikas Bharti, Sunil Kumar, Ultrasonic investigations of cadmium sulphate in aqueous mannitol, Der ChemicaSinica,  2 (4), 282-291, 2011.
  13. Shashi Kant, Sunil Kumar, Dharmvir Singh, Molar volume and compressibility studies of some alkaline earth metal chlorides in 4% fructose + 0.01m aqueous sodium chloride, International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Science, 3(1), 61-66, 2011.
  14. Shashi Kant, Dharmvir Singh, Sunil Kumar, Molar volume and ultrasonic studies of some alkaline earth metal chlorides in water + NaCl + fructose system, Archives of Applied Science Research, 3 (5),70-84, 2011.
  15. Shashi Kant, Amit Kumar and Sunil Kumar; Molar volume, viscosity and conductance studies of some alkali metal chlorides in aqueous ascorbic acid, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 150, 39-42, 2009.


Books Published

Thermodynamics of S-Block Chlorides in Ascorbic Acid, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany (2016), ISBN-13: 978-3-659-91947-3


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Papers Presented in Conference/webinar

  1. Sunil Kumar, Vikas Bharti, Manish Kumar,Shashi Kant,Presented, Viscosity and conductance of some metal chlorides in modified aqueous solvents National Symposium on Chemistry Innovations for Human Well Being (CIHW 201)], held in the Department of Chemistry, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla , HP, on October 21 – 22, 2011.
  2. Sunil Kumar, Manish Kumar, Vikas Bharti, Shashi Kant,Presented, Interactions of transition metal ions in multi component system: an ultrasonic approach, Seminar on Frontiers in Polymer Science held in the Department of Chemistry, H.P. University, Shimla on November 18-19 2011.
  3. Pankaj Sharma, Pankaj Thakur, Sunil Kumar and Deepak Pathania, Nanoparticles for drug delivered, Presented, National Symposium on Nanobiotechnology, (NSNT-2012), June 1-2, 2012, IIT Mandi, H. P.




Total research projects Completed

Design, synthesis and Physico-chemical applications of

Nanomaterial for Environmental Health and Safety

PhD Guided




M. Phil. Guided

  1. Photocatalytic and antibacterial applications of CTAB and SDS capped zinc oxide nano particles. (Shoolini University, Solan-2012)
  2. Kinetic study of graft copolymerization of ethyl acrylate and binary monomer mixture onto peroxide treated sisal fibers. (Shoolini University-2012)
  3. Synthesis, characterization and applications of bare and zinc doped nickel oxide nanoparticles.  (Shoolini University-2013).
  4. Environmental applications of bare and nickel doped nanocrystalline tin oxide (Shoolini University-2013).


Masters Degree Guided

  1. Determination of important ionic species in soil by instrumental methods. (2012)
  2. Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Nanoscale ZnO and ZnO-CdO composites. (2013)
  3. Optical and Electrical Characterization of Cadmium Oxide Nanoparticles Embedded in Conducting Polymer. (-2013)
  4. Research project entitled ‘Synthesis and characterization of TiO2 nanoparticles. (-2015)