Curriculum Vitae

Name: Dr.Santosh Kumar

Designation: Assistant Professor

Department/Institute: Department of Chemistry, HPU, Shimla

Phone/Mobile Number: 9888428481

E-mail ID:,

Teaching/Research Experience: 4 years/8 years

Area of Specialization: Polymer chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Coordination Polymers, X-ray crystallography, Non-covalent Interactions, Metal-organic frameworks and Metallo-drugs, Non-linear Optics.

No of Awards/Recognitions Received: Nil

Patent Published/Awarded: Nil

Published Research Papers: 30

Book Chapter Published: NIL

Journal Published: Nil

E-content Developed: Nil

Conference Chaired: NIL

No of Conference Attended: 15

Paper Presented in Conference/Webinar/Seminars/Workshops: 15

Total Research Project Completed: NIL

Ph. D. Continuing: 01

M. Phil. Continuing: NIL

Master Degree Guided: NIL