Curriculum Vitae

Name                                                                                                  Dr. Meena Kumari         

Designation                                                                                      Assistant Professor

Department/Institute                                                                    Department of Chemistry,  H.P.U.

Phone/Mobile number                                                                 9418796633

E mail ID                                                                     

Teaching/Research experience                                                  11.5/1 year/s

Area of specialization                                                                  Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry

No. of awards/Recognition  received                                      nil         

Patents published/awarded                                                        nil

Published Research papers                                                          14

Books published                                                                                nil

Journal published                                                                             nil

E-content developed                                                                      nil

Conference chaired                                                                                       nil

No. Of conferences attended                                                    5

Papers presented in conferences/ webinars/

Seminars/ workshops                                                                     3

Total Research projects completed                                           1

Ph.D. guided                                                                                       nil

M.Phil. guided                                                                                    nil

Master degree guided                                                                   nil