Facilities for MCA and DCA students

With the gradually growing basic infrastructure, trained manpower and computing facilities of the Computer Centre, the Department of Computer Science was started in 1987 which launched the Certificate Course in Computer Programming and the Diploma in Computer Application in 1988. Subsequently in 1990, the Master in Computer Applications course was awarded to the Himachal Pradesh by the UGC. With this, the workload of Computer Centre increased manifold. The students of MCA and DCA have been immensly benefited from their experience of working on the latest technology which has been extremely helpful in getting them very good job placements in the industry.

Facilities for the Teachers

To spread Computer awareness among the teachers of the affiliated college, a module of 3-4 days was incorporated in all the Orientation and Refresher Courses conducted by the Academic Staff College of the University. The Computer Centre was assigned the responsibility of designing the training module and conducting it, which it has been doing ever since.

From 1993 onwards, the Computer Centre has been conducting two week Computer Appreciation courses for the teachers of the Himachal Pradesh University. The centre also conducted Refresher Courses in Computer Application for college teachers and the two weeks training course for different colleges of neighbouring states. The Computer Centre plans to make a major effort in achieving total computer literacy in the university. The centre introduced two weeks computer awareness courses for university employees. Two such courses had already been successfully completed. It has also successfully conducted two Orientation Programme in Computer Application in association with the Deptt. Of Computer Science during Sept.-Oct. 1994, a Refresher Course in Computer Application on its own during April – May, 1995 and Refresher Course in Computer Application in June 1996. Courses had been organised to provide technical inputs to the teachers of the affiliated colleges in which a Vocational Course in Computer Application has been started.

Facilities for Research Scholars

The Computer Centre developed various programs in FORTRAN as per the data analysis requirements of the Research Scholars. The Scientific and stastistical Package(SSP) was made available to those Scholars who wished to write their own programs. Subsequently Statistical Package for Social Sciences(SPSS) was also purchased as it was more acceptable to the Research Scholars of the non-science departments.

Facilities for the Administration Work

For the Administration wing of the University, the Computer Centre has been, ever since its inception, helping the Accounts branch in the payroll processing. For the budget branch of the University, the Computer Centre has helped in preparing consolidated annual reports and expense forecasting. The Computer Cente has set up a Computer Cell in the Vice-Chancellor’s Office, and trained its staff in the use of Computers. The Computer Centre is actively involved in providing technical help to the Univesity Library in the implementation of the INFLIBNET Programme. Besides this, the Computer Centre has been helping various sections of the University like the recruitment branch, the acquisition baranch of the library, the library of the Academic Staff College etc. in their software requirements of system developments.

Hardware and Softawre:

Compaq Servers,Pentium based Nodes,Standlone PC-ATs,Line Printer,Dot Matrix Printer (24 Pin)

Sun Solaris O.S. Ver 2.5, WIN-NT O.S. Ver 4.0 , WIN-95 O.S.,MS-DOS O.S. Ver 6.22 ,SQL Server Ver 6.5,Oracle 8.00, Developer 2000 Forms 4.5,  Reports 2.5, SPSS,QUATRO PRO 4.0,Borland C++, Turbo Pascal Ver 5.5, Frame work IV, Dbase IV, Nortron utilities Ver 5.0,  Mcafee Anti Virus Scanner.