V C Message

vcThe Agro economic research Centre has been functioning in this university for more than 42 years.  I honestly feel that during this period the Centre has come to age in terms of maturity in conducting the studies assigned to it by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.  It makes me feel proud that there is tremendous improvement in methodological base of the studies.  The data collection has been of desired level and the data processing has completed its journey from manual to electronic.  The studies have come out with useful findings for agricultural and rural development of the State.   The AER Centre has made efforts to transfer the research findings to the farmers for bringing out the speedier development of target groups.  The faculty of AERC has also been contributing significantly in the academic activities of the University.  

I have no hesitation in putting it on record that over its existence, AER Centre has proved to be one the best research institutions of this University.  I am sure the Centre will produce many more valuable studies and be instrumental in the transformation of Himachal agriculture. 
Prof.Shikander Kumar,Vice-Chancellor
Himachal Pradesh University,