Department of Physics


Programmes available

  1. Master of Science (M. Sc.)
  2. Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)
  3. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.)


S.No Name of faculty Member Qualification Designation & Specialization Major area of Research E-Mail ID Mobile No.
1. Dr. Mahavir Singh M.Sc. M.Phil Ph.D. Professor (Material Science ) Magnetic nanomaterils from bulk to nano and thin films, multiferroic materials , diluted magnetic semiconductor (DMS), aerosol use of magnetic nanoparticles for antenna, targeted drug delivery, water purification and magnetic storage. 9218708512
2. Dr. Shashi K Dhiman M.Sc. M.Phil Ph.D. Professor (Nuclear Astrophysics ) Nuclear Astrophysics , Quantum information & quantum computation 9459490400
3. Dr. Nainjeet Singh Negi M.Sc. M.Phil Ph.D. Professor (Condensed Matter Physics (Applied )   Ferroelectric , Multi-ferric Nanostructure and high k materials 9805038756
4. Dr. Raman Sharma M.Sc. M.Phil Ph.D. Professor (Condensed  Matter Physics (Theory) Semiconducting glassy alloy, computer simulation of clusters , nanotubes , phaspherene   hetrostructures,electron correlation in homogenan and inhomegenans  system etc 9418450363
5. Dr. Vir Singh Rangra M.Sc. M.Phil Ph.D. Professor (Material Science) Study of chalcogenide glasses 9418038267
6. Dr. Nagesh Thakur M.Sc. M.Phil Ph.D. Professor (Material Science) Chalcogenide Glasses & piezoelectric materials 9418102664
7. Dr. Amarjeet Singh  (UGC faculty Recharge programme ) M.Sc Ph.D. Assistant Professor (Condensed Matter Physics ) Polymeric devices / nanostructures 9882820958
8. Dr. Balbir Singh Patial M.Sc. M. Phil. Ph.D. Assistant Professor Condensed Matter Physics (Amorphous and Nanostructured Chalcogende Glasses) 9418291003
9. Dr. Dheeraj Sharma M.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D. Assistant Professor Materials Science 9418004313
10. Dr. Raj Kumar Jagota M.Sc. Ph.D. Assistant Professor Nuclear Physics 9418217504


Last Updated:09-04-2022