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Commerce education in Himachal Pradesh has become one of the most demanding and most preferred streams by the students due to diversified nature of jobs in different government and private organizations. The department started functioning as an independent integral component of the University since 1991 under the Faculty of Commerce and Management. Earlier, both commerce and management courses were under a single department. Commerce department is offering Post Graduate Courses of M.Com, M.Phil and Ph.D. etc. The department is playing an instrumental role in formulating academic inputs for the Under Graduate as well as Post graduate courses of Commerce under Himachal Pradesh University. The examination pattern of the courses of the Department is Semester System. The Commerce Department has existing strength of Seven members of the teaching faculty one of whom is on deputation serving in the Himachal Pradesh Technical University, Hamirpur. In the curriculum of post graduate course being taught to the students of commerce, computer related subjects are incorporated to make students acquainted and updated with the technological usages. For teaching and practical application of such subjects requiring specialized skill, the visiting faculty is engaged. In addition, resource persons from the other universities are invited to deliver special lectures. Emphasis is drawn upon development of personality particularly keeping in view the rural background of the students who have come to the University after seeking education from the colleges. The initiatives on development of personalities are taken by keeping in view the reality of conditions of the State where students from far- off villages come to the educational institutions facing strides and challenges due to tough hilly terrains and such typical conditions are observed in the form of major barrier in communicational and personality development. It is though a challenging task for the Department yet congenial environment is provided.


The students and research scholars are encouraged to participate and represent in the conferences and seminars. The class room teaching invokes to provide exposure opportunities and to involve students in preparation of assignments preparations and then after, presentations individually as well as in groups. They are encouraged to use library and to compete in different competitive examinations. Undoubtedly, the department has achieved a tremendous success in this direction. Ours is the department which is known for producing more and more number of JRFs and NET qualified candidates in the Northern region of the Country. The teaching faculty is always involved in the teaching, research, extension, and other academic as well as co-curricular activities and the outcome of it is that the department is working very smoothly with integration and discipline. Research Projects are being pursued in the department by the students with the consultation of the experienced teaching faculty members. The department not only encourages but actively involves in using innovative techniques. We have a separate computer lab where research scholars and other students frequently come, sit and use the computers for their academic purposes. The department has recently initiated for facilitation of the exclusive Conference Hall in which 30 to 40 persons can sit and discuss. In order to ensure effective use of the technology by them, they are given specified titles which are supposed to be discussed and presented by them before the session consisting of research scholars and the faculty.


Commerce and Busines Personnel Prove to be Sucessful Entrepreneurs, Employable, Professionally Excelled and Flourish in Contributing and Spreading Commerce and Business Related Enriched  Knowledge.


  1. Interaction and Dialogue with Experts.

  2. Disscrimination of Practical Knowledge by Liaisoning  with Different Agencies.

  3. Emphisis on Development of Exposure by Providing Opportunities in Conferences and Seminars.

  4. Regular Knowledge sharing, Brain Storming, and Evaluation.



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