Prof. Anand Sagar





Name: Dr. Anand Sagar

Designation: Professor

Specialization: Mycology & Applied Microbiology

                            Mycology and Applied Microbiology

During the last twenty years, studies have been conducted on molecular characterization, antibacterial, antioxidant activity and nutritive components of twenty five species of wild edible mushrooms from entire Himachal Pradesh. Artificial cultivation technologies on cheap substrates have been developed for four highly medicinal mushrooms (under a major UGC project). Studies have also been conducted on the application of mycorrhizal biotechnology to regenerate high attitudes conifers under a major DST Project. Sixty medicinal plants of Himachal Pradesh have been screened for isolation of VAM and endophytic fungi form them. The work is in progress for molecular characterization of these fungi and preparation of silver and iron nanoparticles form the endophytre fungi isolated form medicinal plants.

Personal Information: DOB: 31-08-1962

Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D. (Botany), MJMC


Contact No.: 98168-07646

Teaching and Research Experience: 25 Years


Address: Department of Bio-Sciences, H.P. University, Summer Hill, Shimla-5

Research Information:

Area of Research: Mycology & Applied Microbiology

Research Publications: 126

Papers in Journals: 105

Papers in Conferences: 16

No. of Ph.D. guided: 13

No. of M.Phil guided: 56

Books Publication: 4

PDFs guided: 2

Project Information:

Research Project completed:

  1. Two major research projects form DST and UGC, New Delhi
  2. One minor research project form UGC, New Delhi


No. of conferences organized: one

Conferences attended (National): 15

Conferences attended (International): 5