Prof. D. R. Thakur







Name:  Dr. D R Thakur
Designation: Professor & Director, UGC- MMTTC (HRDC)
Former Chaiman, Biosciences & Director, International Students Welfare
Specialization: General Biodiversity, Wetland Studies and Biology & Biointensive Management of Stored Grain Insect Pests


General Biodiversity and Entomology

The focus of our laboratory is to understand the insect-plant interactions. Dealing with stored grain insect pests, a level of proficiency has been achieved in taxonomic studies, biology, bio-intensive and botanical management of stored products pests in general and pests of comestible legumes in particular. In consonance with lab to land interest, we have worked on four research projects and milestone findings pertaining to bio-controlling agents, bio-efficacy of botanicals and susceptibility and resistance of some precious cultivars of legumes have been procured and elucidated.  The interest of zoology has taken us beyond the confined walls of the laboratory and therefore, enabled us to compile the faunal diversity of a Chandertal wetland, a Ramsar site of International importance in cold desert of north western Himalayas. Under the umbrella of lab to land interest we have complied the pioneer information on biodiversity, population dynamics and breeding status of Anatids from the high altitude Himalayan wetlands and engaged in Environmental Impact Assessing of Hydropower in the state of Himachal Pradesh along with our primary and foremost research area, eco-friendly insect pest management.

Personal Information :  DOB: Dec. 04, 0000
Qualifications: M Sc., PhD (Zoology), DHE, BJMC, MJMC

Contact No.: +91177 2833697 (O), 9418480248; 9805980248 (M)
Teaching and Research Experience:  29 years


  1. Science Center & National Council of Science Museum New Delhi.
  2. Faculty Branding Award -2014, By Education Expo New Delhi.
  3. Distinguished Scientist Award-2020, By ASTHA Foundation, UP.
  4. Eminent Scientist Award- 2020, By AEDS, UP.
  5. Outstanding Achievement Award -2023, By ATDS, UP.
  6. Int. Chaim Weizmann Distinguished Professor & Researcher Award-2023, By IMRF, AP.
  7. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Distinguished Professor & Researcher Award in Biodiversity-2023, By CPACE, AP.


  1.  Professor, Dept. of Biosciences, Himachal Pradesh University, Summerhill, Shimla, India
  2.  Residence: #13, Block No. III, Teachers Colony, HPU Summerhill, HP

Research Information:

  1.    Area of Research: General Biodiversity, Wetland studies and Biology & Bio-intensive Management of Stored grain insect pests.
  2.    Research Publications: 168
  3.    New & First record published- 13
  4.    Books Published: 01
  5.    Papers in Conferences: 53
  6.    Popular Articles: 09
  7.    PDF Guided: 02            
  8.    Ph. D. guided:  8
  9.    M. Phil guided:  37

Project Information:

  1.    Research Projects completed: 04
  2.    Research Project Ongoing:Nil


         No. of Conferences/Workshops Organized: 04
         Conferences attended (National):44
         Conferences attended (Abroad):07