Research Undertaken

Ph.D Scholars :
Sr.No Name Year Topic
1 Nisha Mishra 2017 ‘Existential Quest and Social Spaces: A Study of Select Australian Short Fiction’ (Supervisor- Prof.

-Pankaj K. Singh)
2 Veena Sharma 2017
‘Culture, Identity and Politics in the plays of Louis

Nowra’(Supervisor- Prof. Pankaj K. Singh)
3 Akshay Kumar 2016 ‘Children’s Quests and Beyond: Narratives of History and Culture in Kirsty Murray’s Novels’
4 HemrajBansal- 2015 ‘Protest, Reconstruction, Survival: A Study of Three Australian Aboriginal Dramatists’
5 Kuldeep Raj 2015 History, Politics and the Individual: A Study of PeterCarey’s Fiction’
6 SubhashVerma 2015 Politics, Society and the Individual: The Dramatic Art of
7 ShiwaniKhatri 2014 Resistance and Reclamation in Native Canadian andAboriginal Australian Writers: A Comparative Study of Thomas King and Kim Scott’
8 ShwetaSood 2010 ‘Self-Expression and Social Commitment in theSelect Poetry of Dorothy Livesay and Judith Wright: A Comparative Study’
9 IshmeetKaur 2009 'Linking Diverse Hemispheres: Existentialism inGuru Granth Sahib and Patrick White’

 Research under progress

  • Aditya Singh Dulta- ‘Breaking the Silence and Representing Aboriginals and

                                              Aboriginality: A Study of Seven Memoirs by Aboriginal Women’

  • Sunil Kumar- 'Aboriginal Women's Autobiographies: A Select Study of the

                                       Narratives of 'Stolen Generation'

  • Vandana Kaundal- 'Cultural Hegemony, Violence and Identity in Select Fiction of

                                                 Paula Morris'

  • Megha Katoria- 'Dynamics of History, Culture and Identity: A Study of Select

                                           Young Adult Novels of Kirsty Murray and Ted Dawes'