List of M.phil Scholars

2017 Suruchi Bhanu-  Disintegration of Maoris: Reading Discrimination in Paula Morris's


2016 GeetikaNegi - Issues of History and Gender in Select Novels of Kirsty Murray

2015 Sunil Kamal – Exile, Home and the Diasporic Experience: A Study of Select Short

Stories of SatendraNandan

2015 PratimaBisht- Reading New Zealand in Patricia Grace’s Waiariki

2013 RuchiPanwar - Women’s Concerns and Quest for Self: Reading Tim Winton’s Minimum of


2013 VandanaBhandari - Re-presenting History: Reading Peter Carey’s Jack Maggs and True

History of the Kelly Gang

2012 BabitaKumari - Memory and Identity: Reading Tim Winton’s The Turning

2012 AdityaDulta - Aboriginal Women’s Voices: Repression, Resistance and Testimony in Three


2010 ShallyDabra - Dilemmas of Second Generation Immigrants in ChandaniLokuge’s Novels

2010 Suneel Kumar Dispossession of the Dispossessed: A Study of Sally Morgan’s Autobiographical

Novel My Place

2010 Veena Sharma - Colonialism and After: Culture, Identity and Politics in Three Plays of

Louis Nowra

2010 Akshay Kumar – ‘Children’s Quests and Beyond: A Study of Kirsty Murray’s A Prayer for

Blue Delaney andZarconi’s Magic Flying Fish

2009 Kuldeep Raj Sharma - Exile and Identity: A Study of David Malouf’sRemembering


2008 Shanti Devi - Elements of Protest in Ruby Langford’s Don’t Take Your Love to Town and My

Bundjalung People.

2007 Leena Sharma - History as Memory: A Study of Glensy Ward’s Wandering Girl and Unna You


2006 SubhashVerma - Resistance and Reconstruction: Aboriginal Issues in Three Plays of Jack Davis

2005 Nisha Mishra - Existencial Quests and Social Spaces: A Study of Select Australian Short


2004 TapasayaKhachi - Search for Collective Identity: A Study of Home and Away

2003 PunamChauhan – Sagas of Survival: A Comparative Study of Sally Morgan’s My Place and Maria Campbell’s Half- Breed

Research under progress

  •  Sheetal Sharma ‘Trauma and Assertion in the Select Plays of Jack Davis’