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Prof. Shiv Kumar Dogra

Prof. Shiv Kumar Dogra



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The Basic objective of quality legal education is the quality culture pervading in the Institution. To aspire and to join the prestigious legal fraternity the goal is to choose a platform to complete your legal education and training .Today, legal education stands with the emerging needs of society at large, continuously changing trends in governance and scientific development. The ultimate objective of Himachal Pradesh University Institute of Legal Studies is to expand opportunities and create an exemplary model for Legal Education and Legal cum Multi Disciplinary Research to achieve excellence in Legal Profession, industry and academia inter phase. The positive vibrations of our campus invite you to the unique experience of quality learning in the serene and pollution free climate in a multi-dimensional and Practical oriented manner where you can shape and develop yourself in the process to become good human beings.

Our ongoing endeavor is to excel and to succeed has put the milestone in academic laurels and leadership. There are impressive placements in Government and Private Sectors. National and international collaboration with reputed stakeholders has provided the platform to learn globally and act and think locally aspect. The Institute is working on capacity and character building by inculcating the traditional and ethical viewpoints among the faculty and students. Students will experience the power of legal education by learning to think like a legal Professional and learn and write precisely, analyse rigorously, advocate persuasively, and uphold the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics.

Welcome to the passionate, compassionate learning culture and to a warm academic community of Himachal Pradesh University Institute of Legal Studies (UILS), Shimla

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