From Director's Desk
Prof. Neelima Kanwar

Prof. Neelima Kanwar

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to “UGC Centre for Australian and New Zealand Studies” which was established in 2007 and since then has made significant progress.
As the name itself explains Centre plays a pivotal role in India especially North India in promoting academic collaborations for changes between India –Australia and India -New Zealand.
This Centre has immense support from Himachal Pradesh University and with the encouragement of the Honorable Vice Chancellor has entered the second phase of its establishment.
We earnestly work hard towards understanding Australia and New Zealand- their culture, ethnicities, socio-political set up, economic issues, International relations and tourism and also make Indian perspectives/ sensibilities accessible to the respective countries.
In contemporary globalised world we wish to create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding of varied cultures and countries.
Through our Centre, I wish all who study here success in academic endeavors and personal goals.

Name:   Professor Neelima Kanwar.
Designation:   Director, Centre for Australian and New Zeland  Studies,H.P University.